Go Team Dickwolf!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be famous. There are two reasons for this, one I’ll admit is purely selfish and childish, the other is a genuine love for fantasy driving me to give stories to people who I feel need them just as much as I do.

For most of my life I’ve thought this was a very bad thing, mostly because of the first reason. I thought I was being self-centered, and needed the emotional reassurance and gratification of others in order to feel good about myself. These things may very well be true, but I few years ago I decided that dream was not going away, so I might as well pursue it until I either get it or get bored. Anything but regret.

I tried to think of some ideas to get my thoughts out into the world, and recently I decided to start a blog (no, not this one) as a vehicle for my inspiration and creativity. I got really excited and started drawing up ideas for this blog from layout through months of content. Then I heard about Anita Sarkeesian.

The news about what is happening to this person truly disturbs me, because I feel like, had I been posting a few years earlier, it could have been me. I can take insults, and I can take people not liking me, what I find disturbing is the incredibly personal information these trolls are finding and using against this person, and the idea that if I garnered even the slightest bit of fame people would do the same to me.

I now must choose between two regrets it seems, regret missing out on a life long dream, or regret me or my family being hurt in anyway by people who don’t understand the consequences of hate.

To be fair, had this been you, you probably would have been smart enough to avoid openly and blatantly provoking some of the most infamously hostile communities online. Of course, then that’d mean you wouldn’t be able to spin the resulting response as “They’re trying to silence me because I’m a woman” like Anita.

… Hopefully, you’d also actually know what you’re talking about, do actual research, and not spend months making it look like you swiped funding and ran off on a nice long vacation.

Fame does not automatically beget hate.


Meanwhile, Gabe of Penny Arcade is busy…supporting it.  And blocking anyone who dares to disagree with him.

Reminds me of the whole dickwolves thing all over again.

Strikes me more as “If you’re going to be a cunt over me supporting a harmless card game, I’m going to block you” but please, by all means, continue to prove why such a measure is well-advised, and keep trivializing rape by pretending a card game about cartoon monsters and cartoon girls is doing more to hurt rape victims than women accusing men of rape simply because they had a consensual one-night stand and he didn’t call her the next day. Oh, and treating rape in prison like a joke. Yeah, cartoon monsters as a basis for what boils down to a matching game is the problem.

Reminds me of the Dickwolves too, hence the new blog.